Introduction of EPOC

Message from Akihisa Mizuno, Chairman of EPOC

The Environmental Partnership Organizing Club (EPOC) is a group that was established in February 2000 mainly by the industry sector in the Chubu region. EPOC aims to go beyond the typical scope of industries and businesses and create a circular economy and recycling-oriented society by engaging in a number of different activities.

 EPOC has made progress on many fronts since its establishment. We have made information available on environmental management and conducted surveys on outstanding programs for creating recycling-oriented societies, low-carbon societies and societies that coexist with nature. We have also sought to raise awareness about the environment among the youth and offered exchanges with trainees from overseas. In addition, we have contributed to the development of environmental activities in the region and participated with local governments and community residents in various events held in the Chubu region, such as EXPO 2005 Aichi Japan, the Tenth Meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP10) on Biological Diversity in 2010, the UNESCO global conference in 2014 related to ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) for developing sustainability. Also since 2005, we have co-sponsored the Aichi Environmental Awards with the Aichi Prefectural government with the goal of introducing cutting-edge initiatives for reducing our environmental impact in order to support the realization of a resource-recycling society.

 There is a wide range of environmental issues that have a complicated relationship with economic and energy policies, and recently, the importance of the global warming problem is adding to its gravity and increased attention. Countermeasures against global warming are an urgent issue, and as a result, the “Paris Agreement” was adopted at The 21st Conference of the Parties (COP 21) in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change held in December 2015.This agreement is the first framework in which all countries including developing countries are committing to reducing greenhouse gases, and the international community took an important first step toward resolving the global warming problem.

 Going forward, effective concrete countermeasures against global warming will continue to be developed in Japan as well. In order to reach the long term target, conventional technology and policies are not sufficient. It is believed that an overhaul is essential, which includes not only technological innovation, but a transformation of the economic system itself and the lifestyle of its citizens. To achieve this, not only countries but of course each and every citizen must become engaged and take the initiative. Independent and coordinated activities involving local communities and industry-government-academic networks will become indispensable.

 The bottom-up activities that EPOC has been involved in and coordinated alongside industry-government-academic groups has been exactly this kind of framework, and that role will become more significant in the future. EPOC intends to continuously strive and tie in the ideas of all our members in order to realize EPOC’s Vision for 2020: “Taking full advantage of the environmental technology and achievements of our corporate members to create a sustainable economy and society that offers a mutual balance of low-carbon targets, recycling programs and an important coexistence with nature.” Going forward, we would like to ask for your continued support in our endeavors.

Akihisa Mizuno Chairman
Environmental Partnership Organizing Club

Aiming for a Recycling-oriented economic Society
Organizational Objectives
With industry-based environmental opinion leaders at the core of its activities, EPOC will seek to realize eco-efficiency, make available information on environmental measures in central Japan, and work to create a globally outstanding environmentally advanced region and a safe and pleasant recycling society.
  • Promotion of ecological action in society as a whole
  • Enhancement of ecological awareness among the public
  • Dissemination of information to encourage ecological action
  • Undertaking of international exchange activities to promote ecological action

Major Activites
Major Activites
The EPOC's Principal Activities

-  Environmental Management
Seminars,factory and company tours as well as workshops are held to introduce environmental legislation, relevant trends in society, technologies, examples of corporate programs and other information useful for establishing management goals and encouraging environment management practices.

-  Society in Harmony with Nature
We support the future initiatives of our corporate members by examining case studies and offering support programs. The initiatives cover all corporate activities with a focus on understanding the impact on the ecosystem, measures for reducing that impact and other corporate initiatives that sustainably use the benefits provided by the ecosystem.

-  Sound Material-Cycle Society
In order to establish a resources-recycling society in central Japan, conferences and tours are organized that enhance knowledge, boost technology and encourage the exchange of information among corporate members. Representatives from the industrial sector, government and academia also come together to examine issues regarding technological development and recycling business topics Information on reducing, reusing and recycling resources (“the 3Rs”) and other environmental issues is made available to the public.

-  Low-Carbon Society
Participants researched current social trends towards a low carbon society and innovative initiatives for hydrogen based society. By sharing cross -industry case studies and advanced technologies, awareness and collaborative partnership among corporate members have been further improved.

-  Community Exchanges
The Aichi Environment Awards, which is undertaken on commission by the Aichi Prefectural Government, is one of the main channels for raising public awareness about environmental initiatives and encouraging new efforts that build on them. Lectures and events that bring together corporate members are also organized in order to fortify central Japan's roles as a global leader on environmental issues.

-  Youth Education
The educational resources and facilities of corporate members are used to organize lectures and workshops on the environment for elementary and junior high school students as well as young people at other institutions. EPOC also collaborates with local government groups in a wide range of activities to raise environmental awareness.

-  Overseas Exchanges
EPOC collaborates with overseas companies and groups, offices abroad for Japanese companies and other organizations that take in trainees from overseas, in order to promote EPOC activities outside of Japan as well as to provide a platform to interact with corporate members with the goal of providing participants with a chance to meet and exchange ideas.

-  GREEN ECHO Program
In order to create an environmental mindset, GREEN ECHO offers wide range of activities including environmentally-friendly programs, research tours and seminars concerning relationship between nature and business, and promotions of further actions for creating sustainable economy and society.

-  Reporting on activities and providing information
Reports on EPOC's achievements are compiled and distributed in order to promote the use and application of the information. In addition, the latest information on the environment and EPOC's activities are introduced on our website to raise environmental awareness in various business sectors and expand the scale of our activities.

-  Meetings
A seminar on environmental initiatives for corporate executives and other interested parties is organized as part of the annual general assembly. Mid-and long-term strategies are discussed at the biannual board of directors meetings and executive committee meetings.