Introduction of EPOC

EPOC pamphletIn the 20th century, clear advances in science and technological innovations led to the pursuit of material affluence through the establishment of a social and economic model based on mass production, mass distribution, mass consumption and mass disposal.
However, we can see today that the development of such an economic and social model has brought about various environmental problems on a global scale. From the 21st century onwards, in order for us to attain sustainable economic development, we must establish a 'closed loop' or 'recycling-oriented' economic system, based on the harmonization of environmental preservation with corporate activities.
The Chubu Region can be described as the Mecca of manufacturing industries, and it has contributed significantly to the economic development of Japan in this capacity. The region has accumulated a wealth of high-level industrial technology, production systems, functional logistics and a strong distribution base.
In comparison to the rest of the country, the Chubu Region today boasts a relatively high number of corporations and factories that are working towards ISO14001 certification (the Environmental Management System). These corporations are also beginning to develop new rules for environmental action, such as explaining their environmental activities to the public through the means of Environmental Reports, the implementation of environmental accounting, and LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) etc.
It is hoped that such corporate actions dealing with environmental problems will be seen as part of a strategy leading to an enhanced corporate image and benefits for corporate management. At the same time, we hope that it will create a new style for corporate action in the 21st century.
However, such actions for environmental preservation by corporations are still not fully understood by society at large, Generally undertaken by individual companies in isolation from others, they do not form a sufficient driving force in the movement towards the establishment of a recycling-oriented society. Future efforts demand mutually coordinated action that transcends the barriers of industry type.
Further, it is essential that links are formed between residents living in regional societies and government etc. and it is vital that attempts are made to establish eco-efficiency coupled with the formation of links between different corporations.

'ENVIRONMENTAL PARTNERSHIP ORGANIZING CLUB (EPOC)' was established, based on an awareness of such issues. EPOC receives input from environmental opinion leaders mainly in the industrial field to promote:
  • The spread of environmental action throughout society
  • The creation of a social climate informed by an 'environmental consciousness'
  • The dissemination of information related to environmental action
  • International exchange in relation to environmental action
Through the above activities, we will disseminate any information related to environmental action from the Chubu region. We aim to establish an environmentally advanced 'recycling-oriented economic society' that is both safe and comfortable, which will serve as a model throughout the world.